Today’s Fast Paced Fast Food Style Guitar Lessons by Marcus Diaz

Today’s Fast Paced Fast Food Style Guitar Lessons by Marcus Diaz

I went to three fast food restaurants yesterday. My family was absolutely starving. My wife? She was super nervous about leaving the house right now, so it was up to me to brave the world. (If you are reading this in the future, this was written during the COVID-19 chaos)


So like any good hunter/gatherer, I downloaded the local fast food restaurant apps 😉 Here’s the problem: we each found something different we liked on each app. So I ordered the food, and went out. The restaurants are literally just TEN minutes from our home, and yet it took me OVER AN HOUR to get back home.

But we all got the food we wanted – so that was worth it – kind of!
The down side is every restaurant got something wrong with the order. Insert facepalm here! I always get asked about whether or not it makes sense to learn from multiple sources. Usually the question comes from students who want to supplement their learning with YouTube videos or other impersonal, or even personal online courses.


The answer is a hard no and a maybe yes.


Here’s the hard NO


If you want to learn one technique or aspect of guitar, try to avoid learning that one thing from multiple sources. Different teachers have different teaching philosophies. Some may be better than others, but if you are working with two different philosophies, your hands will get confused, and just like it took me an HOUR to get food from TEN MINUTES away, it can take months or even years to conquer something you’re trying to do on guitar this way.


So what about maybe Yes?


If you are learning something that both teachers compliment each other with to help you leverage your skills, then maybe Yes. Only if your live, in-person guitar teacher – the one who actually tracks your progress (or should anyway) and knows your goals and how you can reach them. If your in-person teacher recommends a video, chances are it is not in conflict with anything you are learning from them and your lessons should be that much easier.


The absolute best way to learn what you want, though, is to avoid the distraction and split attention altogether and find a teacher who is willing to work on your specific guitar needs and goals, and who has a way to teach you what you need to get better right away, and who won’t make you feel like you have to go anywhere else to get the guitar training you need!


If you are looking for the right kind of guitar teacher for you, and you are coming from Northern New Jersey, contact me and get the acoustic and electric guitar lessons you need to avoid any mental distractions and get you to your playing goals faster.

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