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“Here at Master Your Guitar, I take beginner guitar players and make you great; and I take great guitar players and make you even better.” – Marcus Diaz

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Have You Always WANTED TO LEARN To Play Guitar But You Don't Know Where To Start?

Are You Tired of Teaching Yourself And GETTING NOWHERE?

Are You Looking For The Breakthough You Need to Get To The Next Level In Your Playing?

If you said YES, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

One of the BIGGEST reasons thousands of guitar players worldwide quit playing is  because of the pitfalls that come with teaching yourself how to play guitar.

I know what it’s like to feel helpless and frustrated when learning the guitar, and I used to feel the same way! 

Teaching myself was very frustrating and almost made me quit!  And it took me YEARS to realize that given the right instructor with the right attitude, providing the RIGHT training, you WILL avoid those guitar playing roadblocks that come with being self-taught!

Let’s look at some of the damage that usually happens when you teach yourself.

8 Major Disadvantages of Being a Self-Taught Guitarist: Self-taught guitarists tend to...

  • ...Unwittingly pick up bad habits that hurt their playing and are hard to correct later on.
  • ...Typically see disappointing progress compared to students with an effective instructor.
  • ...Lack structure, making progress almost impossible.
  • ...Learn things in the wrong order and make it impossible to build on any previous learning
  • ...Develop bad guitar technique that leads to poor guitar skills.
  • ...Wind up with poor guitar skills lead to a Big-Time Lack of confidence and low self-esteem.
  • ...Wind up with bad habits that often lead to hand or arm injuries and back problems because they were never taught how to play for prolonged periods (like you would need to play at a gig)
  • ...Are rarely challenged into shining and realizing they can learn to play much better than they ever expected

So what is different about Master Your Guitar Music Academy?

I  give you ALL the right habits, the confidence, ability, training, mentorship and resources you need to succeed and even go beyond your current and future guitar playing goals! I work very hard to help you become the guitarist of your dreams! 

Here are several ways you get MASSIVE results with me

  • You get a FREE introductory guitar lesson to assess your current learning level, your challenges, frustrations and goals. I use this information to customize your game plan to bring you success! No goals? No problem - If you are not sure what you want to do on the guitar, I help you build goals the moment you get here so you can begin seeing instant success.
  • Your progress is properly tracked, I keep up with your strengths and weaknesses. Most teachers don’t pay attention to your progress and teach you the wrong things at the wrong time.
  • You get the right things, at the right times, the right way, with every guitar lesson you take. Most teachers don’t even consider doing this and teach you things in the wrong order, frustrating your progress.
  • You get to learn to play the guitar faster than trying to learn on your own.
  • You get to learn how to practice efficiently and get big results in a short time – something rarely taught by most guitar teachers.
  • You get constructive feedback on your playing to help you play better, faster, and avoid picking up bad habits that prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • Learn skills that are relevant to your musical goals.
  • Learn how music works and how it can influence people’s emotions.
  • You get instant confidence and inspiration to become the guitarist you always wanted to be.

“Unbelievable result!! We enrolled our son into guitar lessons with Master Your Guitar last month and he has made tremendous progress! I’m really happy we decided to work with them! Plush, I really like that it was easy to get started and the trainer was very helpful and courteous from the second we called. I’m very impressed! I will definitely be referring them to all of my friends and family.” – Pamela Matthews & son Mike Matthews

“…In a few short weeks Master Your Guitar has taken me from a complete beginner to a point where I am confident
and I am starting to think of myself as a guitar player…” – Pete, Bloomfield, NJ

“…Thank you for the feedback on my progress..Much appreciated. It has a lot to do with how engaging you
keep your lessons, and the motivation, so thank you for that…” – Vikas, Clark, NJ

You get access to ALL of the results and benefits I listed here – and more – when you click on the button below to set up your FREE Evaluation Session with me RIGHT NOW!

If this sounds AWESOME to you but you don’t live anywhere near us, I have friends all over the world who train like us! Check out some of our friends to see if one of them is closer to you. Finding a guitar trainer who will dedicate themselves to helping you achieve your goals is rare, and ALL of my friends do exactly that.