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So What Happens During A Trial Drum Lesson??

  • You will actually learn and get to play drums, even if you never picked up a pair of sticks in your life!
  • If you already play drums, you will learn exactly what you need to take your playing to the next level!
  • You will learn how to set manageable short and long term goals for your playing and push the boundaries of what you think you can do!
  • We will build an action plan for you that will get you quickly to your goals!
  • I will show you all of the secret ways that I teach groups that will fast-forward your learning without EVER overwhelming you in the process!
  • Learn the very foundations of playing drums and leave the lesson with complete and total confidence that you can learn and eventually master your drums!!!
  • You will learn exactly how we will help you conquer your specific drum playing goals!

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  • Marcus is a really good and supportive helpful teacher. He is straight to the point, if there's something you don't understand. He's chill and laid-back; don't be afraid to ask him anything. The prices are fair and reasonable. Overall, He is fun to work and he's determined to get all his students to reach their full potential. So, give him a try.

    Amanda Vanderputten Avatar
    Amanda Vanderputten

    Marcus is builds a great rapport with everyone, right out of the gate. He is a master of conditioning people who want to play the guitar, to WANT to play the guitar, and is really good at teaching beginners—making the dry and not-so-engaging basics into engaging lessons. If your basics do slip, he notices and helps you course-adjust. Marcus will always hold a place in my heart as a great guitar teacher and mentor. He has a level of comradery and poise in teaching that college professors often lack.

    John . Avatar
    John .

    Great school; Marcus cares about students and their progress. Always easy to understand and answers all questions. Whether a goal is understanding advanced music theory or just playing a few chords, Marcus is very well equipped to help reach musical goals. Rates are well worth it. Overall, very solid music academy.

    Ben F. Avatar
    Ben F.
  • My granddaughter started studying with Marcus over 14 months ago. She loves going because he is very patient, thorough, encouraging. She likes it because she's been playing songs right from the beginning. Something she also likes is that he doesn't rush her out at the end of the class but will finish the discussion. She probably would stay til the next class if I didn't remind her that her class was over!

    Phyllis Antonicello Avatar
    Phyllis Antonicello

    A great place to learn i have learned so much from marcus in the month that i have been there.i love practicing and playing.

    bubblesbgood . Avatar
    bubblesbgood .