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“Here at Master Your Guitar Music Academy, we take beginner musicians and make you great; and we take great musicians and make you even better.” – Marcus Diaz, Founder & Owner

Have You Always WANTED TO LEARN To Play Drums But You Don't Know Where To Start?

Are You Tired of Teaching Yourself And GETTING NOWHERE?

Are You Looking For The Breakthough You Need to Get To The Next Level In Your Playing?

If you said YES, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Learning how to play the drums can be daunting. You rarely realize how much time and energy you put into developing unhealthy habits. This is one of the main reasons that new players struggle to make any positive progress.

As a musician who began my career self-taught, I know exactly what it’s like to feel stuck and frustrated at lack of progress, no matter how much time was put into practicing.

I struggled for years with certain patterns and rudiments because I was never taught the best way to approach playing.

It took me WAY TOO LONG to realize that the right instructor with the right attitude and training was absolutely essential to helping me find my way to finally feeling confident and comfortable behind the set!

Let’s look at some of the damage that usually happens when you teach yourself.

8 Major Problems That Come With Self-Teaching: Self-taught drummers tend to...

  • ...Picking up bad habits that negatively impact their playing and become a real challenge to correct later on
  • ...Experience slower progress than students who have a good instructor
  • ...Lack structure, making progress almost impossible
  • ...Attempt more difficult concepts without understanding their foundations, making it impossible to build on them
  • ...Develop bad drumming technique that leads to poor drumming skills
  • ...Wind up with huge gaps in learning that lead to a massive lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • ...Develop the kind of poor habits that lead to leg, arm and back problems because they were never taught how to play properly for longer periods (like you would need to play at a gig or recording session)
  • ...never really get to challenge themselves into acheiving their full potential

So what is different about Master Your Guitar Music Academy Drum Division?

I give you ALL the proper techniques, the self assurance, the training and ability, the guidance and resources you need to confidently attain and surpass your current and future drumming goals! I am dedicated to helping you become the best drummer you can be!

Here are several ways you get MASSIVE results with me

  • You get a FREE introductory drum lesson to gauge your current learning level, your challenges, frustrations, dreams and goals. If you are not sure what you want to do on the drums, I help you create goals the second you get here so you get to experience instant success
  • Your progress is tracked, I take notes on all of my students. Most teachers don’t care enough to track your progress and inadvertently hamper your progress
  • You get to know exactly what you need at ALL times, with every lesson you take. Most teachers don’t even think about doing this and fail to teach you the right things in the right order
  • You get to learn MUCH faster and cleaner than trying to learn on your own
  • You learn to practice the right way - discover the ways that get you faster results
  • You get active feedback on your playing - this helps you avoid picking up poor playing habits that stop most drummers in their tracks when learning
  • Learn skills that make sense to your specific drumming goals
  • Learn how rhythm is built, how it works and how it can make people feel whatever you want them to feel
  • Get an immediate confidence boost and be inspired to become the drummer you always wanted to be

You get access to ALL of the results and benefits I listed here – and more – when you click on the button below to set up your FREE Trial Lesson with me RIGHT NOW!