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How to Get MASSIVE Results When Practicing Guitar

Get MASSIVE, BIG, HUGE results when you practice your guitar

How to Get MASSIVE Results When Practicing Your Guitar! A quick search online will give you about 1,000 things to practice within the first couple of hits alone. So where do you start? What should you practice? Should you practice finger strength exercises or dexterity exercises? Is it better to practice playing fast or slow? […]

Need To Practice Guitar But…No Time

Trying to find the time to practice playing guitar? Some GREAT tips to help!

WHAT WOULD YOUR GUITAR PLAYING LOOK LIKE IF I COULD FIND YOU AN HOUR A DAY TO PRACTICE? One of the biggest areas of frustration that most guitarists face is the inability to find enough time to practice. Most of the time my students will describe their day to be something like this: They wake […]

5 Must Have Android or iPhone Guitar Apps

Great apps to help your guitar training and playing

As you can tell from my previous articles, I care about guitarists. I want to help you eliminate or avoid common frustrations that plague so many when learning. One great way to do that is by downloading apps to your smartphone that simplify the learning and playing process so your playing becomes far more fulfilling. […]